Life revolves around the ocean in Cabo. The best parts of living here are the varied ways to enjoy the impossibly beautiful land and seascape.

These experiences can be part of every day, like peaceful runs around the Marina or down the shoreline. They can provide escape, in exploring nearby Todos Santos. Or, if you want an experience you’ll never forget, hop on a our Yacht and take an incredible marine tour of Cabo.


After the sun sets, Cabo dries off and migrates to its famous bars, clubs and lounges. Cabo nightlife comes at a variety of speeds. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find something to match your mood.

If it’s distinctive cocktails, after our Rooftop cruise to La Esquina a block away. If you go the other direction with a high-energy Cabo’s club experience walk across the Marina to Nowhere Bar, Mandala and the rest is history. Return only to the famous late night tacos at the rooftop to cap off an evening of adventure.


From a culinary perspective, the quality and variety of Cabo’s kitchens is unmatched for hundreds of miles in every direction. The culture of food is a mixture of Mexico’s old standards and young hungry chefs moving here to prove themselves.

An incredible traditional sushi at Nik-San is just around the Marina walk. As is the finest Italian restaurant and Italian Wine bar for hundreds of miles Wine Doc. Right around the corner, the famous Ediths with its al fresco style of Mexican seafood.


Visitors travel thousands of miles to Cabo simply to relieve the stress of their lives somewhere else. It’s home to some of the top 3 spas in North America. Aside from places well known, we recommend exploring some notable exceptions.


A great place is defined by the opportunities for people to learn and grow. These experiences can be as simple as taking a surf lesson or learning to cook a new dish. But, Cabo is especially exciting because the city’s personality is always being challenged and recreated.


Cabo is so sophisticated it has stores that represent the finest Mexican crafts.

Step off our back porch and take a sunset cruise, take a quick trip out to the desert for a morning run, roll the windows down and enjoy a ride up the coast with the wind in your hair to explore Todos Santo’s art galleries.