Owners and their guests will enjoy being pampered by 1 Hotels.


Throw the pretentious and unnecessary out the door. In the Baja, life is rooted in the simple luxuries of life– a love and appreciation for stunning beauty of nature, the taste of fresh and organic foods, and the joy of time with those we love.

At 1 Hotel and Homes Cabo exploration begins the moment you arrive. From yoga on the beach, to surf lessons on the swell, life at 1 Hotel & Homes Cabo is full of #daylife.

Owners enjoy complimentary daily fitness and wellness programming around property to relax, rejuvenate, and reimagine what life can be.


Stress melts away where the waves meet the sand. But if you’re still feeling the pressure, we suggest to visit Seed Spa at 1 Hotel & Homes Cabo. Wise concoction massage therapy treatments, designed to improve muscle & joint health, natural immunity, stress relief and wellness. Utilizing the best of nature’s pharmacy with therapeutic botanical ingredients including Alpine, Sweet Birch, Blue Eucalyptus & more. Improving immunity, stress relief and promoting pure relaxation. Seed Spa is inspired by the concept of a living sacred space on earth that gives the spiritual value and the holistic value, of a person, a plant, an animal or a place.


Guiding your dearest treasures into an undiscovered world where together we will create a 1 of a kind experience focused on nature. Our activities and adventures are focused on bringing the children closer to nature while educating them on the world we live in and the importance of taking care of it now.

Seedlings at 1 Hotel & Homes Cabo aims to nurture nature’s next great explorers by offering families and their young ones experiences that are healthy, active, educational, and fun.


A retreat in the middle of it all, 1 Hotel & Homes Cabo is a short walking distance from the best sites and sensations Cabo has to offer:

Marina & fishing, watersports (diving, kayaking, paddle boarding), golf, shopping and restaurants.


El Mercado will be an informal collection of live action ‘stations’ depicting a typical Mexican street food market. At breakfast guests will interact with ‘Nana’ as she prepares her own recipes of classic Mexican break¬fast dishes. Next door a chef will be making a variety of tortillas and colorful salsas. Further on a barista will take pride in creating your favorite coffee drink and fresh squeezed juices. The same stations will transition at lunch¬time to serve traditional Mexican Antojitos (street food) all made from the freshest local ingredients. At dinner time the market atmosphere continues as guests gather around the bar, where there will be a Mezcal specialist on hand. Adjacent to the bar will be a huge selection of fish on ice, all caught that day in the Sea of Cortez.


Materials are sourced locally and responsibly, whenever possible. Grass roofs, locally blown glass, and reclaimed woods and stones are used to build beautifully designed homes that are good for the world and for our owners.

·Triple-clear filtered water
·Gray water for landscaping
·Natural light
·Outdoor park for events, concerts and movies
·Edible gardens
·Below-grade spa with private gardens
·Buildings oriented to improve air circulation and reduce radiant heating
·Natural fiber uniforms
·Market with local artisans selling food products
·Reclaimed / recycled building materials